BOOM: In just 7 words, Pence NAILS exactly why Hillary is UNFIT to be president…


Since this weeks Vice Presidential debates everyone has been talking about Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. The democratic and republican vice presidential nominees respectively. Both Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence have shown everyone their propensity to divide and call names. For example, bashing Senator Bernie Sanders supports as people who live in their basement and referring to all of Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables.”

Clinton’s other behavior has also been something that cannot go unnoticed or unacknowledged. Such as shutting down a department store in New York City so that she could get a haircut without mingling with the average joe. As well as maintaining a large wall around her residential estate. Which is comical considering she slams Donald Trump for his stance on having a wall around the border of Mexico. She has referenced Donald Trump supporters as irredeemable and not America.

She has also always insisted on traveling via private jet and having presidential level accomodations. Her actions would certainly indicate a certain disdain and dislike of the American people at the core of who they are. Yet she wants to be elected to lead them”

Gov. Mike Pence disagrees and he said it best when he said these seven powerful words: “You cannot lead people that you loathe.”

What Pence’s statement means is that her actions indicate her own dislike and contempt for the American people and her willingness to stir up loathing and hatred towards Donald Trump. Which he argues makes her unqualified to be commander and chief. Pence’s argument is entirely valid considering the fact that Clinton’s statement put down almost half of the voting population.

Pence spoke to the Granville Volunteer Fire Company where he emphasized that Trump stands behind their law enforcement and firefighting officials. The event took place in Pennsylvania. He insisted that Trump will restore law and order to the nation. He further argued that Clinton represents the failed establishment at the highest level.

The potential future vice president has very valid points. Clinton is guilty of doing the very thing she accuses Trump of. Having contempt and hatred in her heart for a specific demographic within society. That flat out makes her completly unqualified.