BOOM! Lawmaker drops the HAMMER on colleges coddling election crybabies

Ever since Donald Trump’s election as President the nation has collectively engaged in ridiculous behavior such as rioting, protesting and more. Reports have shown that some college professors even canceled classes and tests because students were upset. But it seems that will not last for very long.

Iowa State House member Bobby Kaufmann is taking a stand against this nonsense once and for all. He is in the process of introducing a bill that is called, “Suck It Up, Buttercup.” The purpose of this bill is to investigate the cost that universities have spent creating safe spaces for the aftermath of the election.

Kaufmann stated,

“I’m gonna find out exactly how many taxpayer dollars are being used for these cry zones and for all these different safety zones (so) you can talk about your feelings. And I’m gonna take whatever that number is and we’re gonna triple it and cut it from the University budget.”

Even the President has criticized such ideas in the past insisting that college students should be able to freely express any and all opinions and feelings they have regardless of whether people disagree with them or not.

The notion that we need spaces for people to go when they feel offended will make our young adults woefully unprepared for the real world. The real world does not care if they hurt your feelings or if they offended you. Not to mention the expenditure, however high or low, is completely unnecessary. It is a complete and total waste of money that could be spent on something else more productive.

That money could be going towards extracurriculars and athletics, professors salaries or improved infrastructure. It would be a disgrace for it to go somewhere where it really was unneeded.

In his own words, you better suck it up buttercup.


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