BOOM! Louisiana Town Fining Anyone With Saggy Pants

There is a new law and for some of you it might just make your day. In Jefferson Davis Parish in Louisiana there is a new law that has been enacted that has banned everyone from allowing their pants to sag. Specifically for exposing their underwear from beneath their pants. Those who violate this new law will be fined $50 for their first violation. Their second violation will cost $100 for the remaining infractions.

This trend initially started back in the early 1990s when prison inmates were not allowed to own belts in prison due to security concerns. Rappers and musicians started doing it too and since people respected them as celebrities others began to do it as well. The initial mean on behind it was about homosexuality. In prison the more exposed a mans underwear was meant that he was willing to have sex with other men.

Eastman said,

“I had complaints from security guards around the courthouse that there was issues with people not being respectfully dressed in the courtroom area. So initially I was going to be for on the courthouse grounds, and the other jurors felt that it was important parish-wide.”


It it was Juror Byron Buller who pushed the underwear bill. He wanted to expand limits to not just inmates but citizens outside of government facilities. Legislatures agreed with it so they went ahead and passed a bill prohibiting it. Civil liberty groups have come forward to express discontent and opposition to the law. They argue that it is unconstitutional because it disproportionately targets black men.

It seems like they are trying to bring back some basic decency and respect. But of course the civil liberties unions yell could play and say it is a racial issue and now it will be stalled. Because in today’s society just yell racism and whatever you do not like will be stopped. People are so easily offended and throw around the word racism it no longer has any meaning.

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