BOOM! Neil Cavuto Just Busted MSM – Plays 2003 Interview with Trump Against Iraq War (VIDEO)

Guess what: Donald Trump was right.

Prior to last night’s debate, moderator Lester Hold was asked by Clinton’s campaign manager to fact check Donald Trump during the debate. He argued that if Trump got away with lying, Hillary would have to devote her own time to refuting Trump before making her own points.

I don’t doubt the Clinton campaign was implying that he fact check Trump – but not Hillary. Had he done that, he would’ve had plenty of subject material. He could’ve talked about Hillary’s lies during that debate about Iran being “weeks away” from having a nuclear weapon prior to the Iran deal, or the claim that she would make college debt free by making it tuition free, which ignores that half of college costs are not tuition (such as room & board, books, and other fees).

Clinton also denied her role in negotiation the Trans Pacific Partnership, lied about Trump’s tax returns (in claiming that he pays no Federal income tax), and various other economic misunderstandings (such as when she blamed the subprime mortgage crisis on tax cuts).

There was one alleged lie that Holt did try to correct Trump on. He told Trump that the record contradicts his claim that he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. Trump relied that he had only expressed a small amount of support for the war once on the Howard Stern show, before later arguing against it on Neil Cavuto’s show in 2003, and in various conversations with Sean Hannity. As the Gateway Pundit reported, Trump wasn’t lying about that.

Donald Trump: Well I’m starting to think that people are much more focused now on the economy. They’re getting a little bit tired of hearing we’re going in, we’re not going in.  You know, what happened to the days of Douglas MacArthur?  I mean he would go in and attack.  He wouldn’t talk.  I mean we have to, you know, it’s sort of like either do it or don’t do it….   Well, he’s [Bush] either got to do something or not do something perhaps.  Because perhaps he shouldn’t be doing it yet.  Perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations.  You know, he’s under a lot of pressure.  He’s, you know I think he is doing a very good job but of course if you look at the polls a lot of people are getting a little tired.  I think the, the Iraqi situation is a problem and I think the economy is a much bigger problem.

Trump was right, and Holt was wrong. The Clinton camp clearly wants ONLY Trump to be “fact checked,” and they don’t even care if the fact checking is factual. Meanwhile, Hillary gets away with murder.

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