BOOM: No PC Judge Shuts Up BlackLivesMatter Lawyer With 2 Words

At a recent court hearing a lawyer used the excuse that his clients were unarmed black men as to why they ran away from the scene of a crime and the judge was none to pleased.

After asking the public defender not to interrupt him several times Judge Hurley finally exploded. The Judge noted that as a result of the men’s actions a police officer was shot. Something he mentioned twice. The public defender continued to try and argue his case but the Judge was not backing down from his hard line stance.

When the attorney argued that his defendants status as an African American male is what caused the Judge to automatically assume he was at fault the Judge went off.

Judge Hurley began raising his arm and yelling at the attorney. “DONT EVEN GO DOWN THAT ROAD! I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO LET YOU!” he exclaimed. He went on, “that is so off base!” he proclaimed. “Don’t hand me this he’s a black man running from police brutality,” said the Judge.

He further maintained the police brutality argument was not appropriate or relevant to this case. He ended the hearing by rusing the defendants bail at $200,000 on two felony counts.

Apparently when you commit crimes now you can just blame everyone else for your poor criminal behavior and that can pass as an excuse now in the United States. Lucky for the rest of us this judge doesn’t agree with that mentality and shut it down quickly. It’s good to know we’ve still got some sound minded individuals still remaining on the bench.

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