BOOM! Now, THIS Is How You Stop A Mass Shooting In Only 30 Seconds! (VIDEO)

The topic of gun control has been a hot button issue as of late because of the terrorist attack and mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. But a video released on YouTube of a senior citizen pulling a gun on an armed intruder went viral back in 2012 showing the world that all you need is a concealed firearm to protect you.

The video is titled “How to stop a massacre.” A senior citizen was a customer at Palms Internet Cafe where he shot two robbers on July 13th, 2012. Both of the intruders were caught by police and arrested. The surveillance videos tell the complete story.

The robbers can be seen storming into the establishment with black clothing, masks and holding guns. They hold he patrons at gun point walking throughout the room. As one of the suspects pushes a man away and turns his back a senior citizen in a white shirt can be seen getting up out of his seat in the back.

He pulls out a gun and runs towards the robber and shoots at him. After which the robber runs away and the man shoots at him again. The older man runs after the shooter as the shooter sprints towards the exit with his partner in crime. At one point the suspect trips to the ground. The senior citizen shoots a few more times before the suspects finally make chase.

At the end of the video it shows some interesting statistics. It takes an average of six minutes for law enforcement to respond to an incident such as this. While a legal draw and shoot takes FIVE seconds.

Democrat’s in Congress staged a sit in in chambers over Republican’s unwillingness to pass what they call “commensense” gun control legislation at the same time this video went viral again. I mean, gun control worked so well for Chicago after all. Wait, that’s right, they are still one of the cities still greatly affected by gun violence to this day.

Who needs gun control legislation, if you ask me, that senior citizen had pretty good control of his gun. Watch the video. It speaks for itself.

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