BOOM. Phil Robertson Tells the Truth About Islam… He Didn’t Hold Back [VIDEO]

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Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the popular “Duck Dynasty” show has never been one to hold back or pull his punches when it comes to his beliefs.

Robertson told FOX News host Sean Hannity that the problem with many ideologies, including Islam and the Democrat Party was the lack of belief in Jesus.

“No Jesus with Hitler, with the Nazis. No Jesus. They wanted to dominate the world and they were famous for murder,” said Robertson. “The Shintoists came along. No Jesus there…then comes Communism. No Jesus with them either and they wanted to conquer the world and they slaughtered millions. So you have murder, murder, murder.”

Then Robertson comments on the socio-economic system of Islam, “It’s just an ideology under the guise of a religion.”

“They want to conquer the world,” adds Robertson. “There’s no Jesus with them either, and they’re famous for murder.”

Hollywood, the White House and universities, all members of the politically correct crowd as well as strong pro-abortionists, he also compared to the “murder” and “no Jesus” lobby.

“They have killed about 55 million of their own children over the past 30 years,” says Robertson.

“These materialists, these hedonists, these atheists, agnostics, it just goes on,” continued Robertson. “Idealism, determinism. There’s always an- ism or a theory that people expound on, Sean, when there is no Jesus.”

As for Robertson’s belief, that’s easy, “I’m sticking with Jesus, myself, man,” he exclaims. (H/

With the terrorist attacks and beheadings of the past few months by radical Muslims, and the administration’s unwillingness to even identify an enemy, one has to wonder if Phil Robertson might be onto something.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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