BOOM: Retired Officer Does Something EPIC to Humiliate NYC’s Leftist Mayor [PICTURE]


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is probably glad that 2014 is over, and is hoping that 2015 goes better for him, at least in regard to his relationship with the New York Police Department.

As it stands right now, the NYPD has literally turned their backs to the mayor and banned him from their funerals, due in large part to his anti-police rhetoric and siding with the protestors.

Apparently the NYPD wants an apology from the mayor too, if the latest banner being flown around the city is to be believed.

de blasio banner calls for apology

A banner reading “De Blasio, apologize to the NYPD!” was seen flying behind a plane, up and down the Hudson River in New York City for about 90 minutes Wednesday afternoon.

The plane and banner were hired for about $1,000 by retired corrections officer Michael Sheehan, whose father had been an NYPD detective.

“I hope he’s embarrassed by it,” Sheehan told The New York Daily News.

He was also highly critical of de Blasio’s seemingly close relationship with “the circus clown, race-baiter and proven liar Mr. Alfred Sharpton.”

The company that flew the banner is the same one hired by anonymous retired NYPD officers less than a week ago that announced that the NYPD had turned their backs on the mayor, which was evidenced at the funeral for officer Rafael Ramos, one of two officers assassinated in cold blood on the streets by a black Muslim gang member.

Although de Blasio himself has yet to apologize to the NYPD, or go out of his way to make things right with them, his wife, NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray, announced the creation of a “Fallen Heroes Relief Effort” designed to aid and assist the families of fallen officers, like those of officers Ramos and Wenjian Lui.

If Mayor de Blasio hopes to smooth things over and avoid being forced to resign, he is going to have to humble himself and reach out to the NYPD.

We expect that to happen at some point, but aren’t holding our breath in the meantime.

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