BOOM: Rush Limbaugh Exposes Obama’s Secret About The Calif. Shooting… Media Won’t Report This


via Conservative Tribune: President Barack Obama didn’t even wait until the wake of Wednesday’s apparent terrorist attack in San Bernardino to call for more gun control, instead wading in while the mass shooting was still ongoing.

As usual, Obama delivered his tired lines about “common-sense” gun control legislation, liberal code for further infringements upon the Second Amendment-protected natural right to keep and bear arms enjoyed by all Americans.

However, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was quick to point out on Facebook that California already has strict gun control laws, much of it the type of legislation that Obama and other anti-gun liberals constantly demand more of. Yet those laws didn’t prevent the shooting from occurring.

“California has some of the most strict gun laws in the country,” Rush wrote. “Gun control’s not the answer to this San Bernardino shooting. It never will be the answer to something like this. And more and more reasonable people with common-sense understand that.”

Obama and the anti-gun crowd constantly crow about “universal background checks” to stop prohibited people from obtaining firearms. But California already has universal background checks, and that didn’t work

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