BOOM! San Jose Mayor Was DESTROYED On Air By The Beautiful Kimberly Guilfoyle [VIDEO]

After Donald Trump’s supporters were attacked at a rally in San Jose, the liberal media went into damage control mode. After months of reporting on violence at Trump rallies, it couldn’t have been more clear that it was liberals at fault (as it was all along).

In a despicable turn of events, San Jose’s liberal mayor blamed Donald Trump for inciting violence – as if Trump requested that 400 protestors show up to his events and start assaulting people.

He received plenty of justified blowback for those comments, but some of the best roasting came from Kimberly Guilfoyle. Conservative Tribune reports:

Guilfoyle said she was disgusted when she saw people being beaten and didn’t waste a moment identifying who she thought was responsible for the mayhem at the event: the mayor.

“This guy should be thrown out,” she said.

Watch Guilfoyle roast Liccadrdo in the video below:

It’s hard to disagree with her on this point, especially after videos emerged revealing just how violent the Trump haters were.

Can you imagine the response if Donald Trump blamed violence against Hillary Clinton supporters on them? Actually – that’s an unfair example, considering there hasn’t been any violence against Clinton’s supporters at her rallies.

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