BOOM: Sheriff Clarke Destroys Beyonce With Just One Sentence!

via FP: At last Sunday’s Super Bowl, many have deemed Beyoncé’s halftime performance as the performance that claimed the night.

After her husband Jay Z has announced plans to donate $1.5 million to #BlackLivesMatter and related groups, Beyoncé and her associates were given police escorts to the Super Bowl where they would perform an anti-law enforcement anthem.

As Conservative Tribune reported:

The pop superstar decided to perform “Formation,” a song with an anti-cop sentiment that drew fire from those in law enforcement and their supporters.

That wasn’t all, though; far from it. Beyoncé had her backup dancers dress in suits reminiscent of those worn by the Black Panthers, and at one point, she had them get in an “X” formation to pay honor to black revolutionary Malcolm X.

This tweet was also sent out after the performance:


Needless to say, this didn’t make too many people in the law enforcement community happy — including one of our favorite lawmen, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Sheriff David Clarke.

He had the following to say on Fox News:

It’s not an unfair comparison either. The Black Panthers were a black nationalist group while the KKK is a white nationalist group. They’re just two heads of the same coin.

Remember that this Super Bowl, a racist hate group being honored isn’t what outraged the left. They were too busy being outraged by Doritos.

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