BOOM: Sheriff Clarke Shreds Michael Moore’s Latest Inane Plan in Just 2 Sentences


From Conservative Tribune: Renowned for his controversial political statements, Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted on Thursday a list of “demands” aimed at law enforcement in America.

Demanding that police be disarmed and all non-violent black prisoners be released, Moore also called the American justice system a “modern day slave system.”

In response to Moore’s inflammatory statements, outspoken Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke tweeted his own reply: “Start pilot project by doing it in his neighborhood. Set up transitional inmate housing where he lives.”moore tweets

Clarke’s Twitter followers quickly tweeted their support.

One follower also suggested a similar prisoner-release program in Hillary Clinton’s neighborhood.

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moore tweets

moore tweets

moore tweets


As tension has grown in recent months between the law enforcement community and minorities, Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee has emerged as a voice for reason in America.

Appearing recently on “Hannity,” Clarke stated that when Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police officers to not confront rioters on Monday, she “abandoned her police officers” and put them in harm’s way.

Clarke also emphasized that the liberal agenda and President Barack Obama’s disdain for the American police officer has led to this crisis.

Michael Moore certainly has a right to his opinion. However, Sheriff Clarke made an excellent point in his reply that pinned Moore to the wall: would Michael Moore want these prisoners released in his neighborhood?

As the well-known slogan states: “Change begins at home.” If he truly wants to see this change happen, Michael Moore needs to take his “demands” to his local city hall and demand the reformation begin in his neighborhood to set an example for the rest of America.

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