BOOM! Trump Breaks HUGE Inauguration Day Record That Utterly HUMILIATES Obama

Over the past week, liberals have been talking endless sh*t about Donald Trump, already trying to undermine his presidency before he takes office. But unfortunately for these Obama-worshiping idiots, they just got smacked with a huge dose of truth that has them furious, after Trump set a historic record that Obama could never even touch.

President Trump just set a huge historic record that is making Obama completely lose his sh*t.  Despite the left’s endless rhetoric that Trump is the most unpopular president-elect in U.S. history, Trump raised twice the amount of money than any other president in America’s history, including Obama, who was all cocky about his previous record of raising $55 million back in 2009.

To add further insult to injury for Obama, many large corporations are buying into Trump’s promise to “make America great” big time, throwing massive amount of cash his way in 2016. Chevron and Boeing were two of the major donors for the inauguration. Even though Trump has limited donations to $1 million from corporations so liberals have no grounds to talk sh*t, that didn’t stop the New York Slimes from going into immediate freak-out mode in attempt to bash Trump with a piece titled  “Corporations Open the Cash Spigot for Trump’s Inauguration.”

“This is nothing short of selling access to the president, the vice president and the cabinet,” lobbyist Craig Holman of the liberal group Public Citizen complained to The Times. “This is very unfettered, brazen selling of access. It certainly runs counter to any presidential candidate who was talking about ‘draining the swamp.’”

It’s pretty hilarious that liberals want to take shots at Trump, considering that Obama was practically owned and controlled by corporations. Liberals and Obama can seriously suck it at that this point. Trump is the new president. He’s going to make America great again. And he’s already destroying Obama’s legacy, including his presidential records on day 1.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]


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