BOOM! Trump Hits BACK After Hillary Accuses Him Of ‘Giving Aid And Comfort’ To Terrorists

In the insane world of Hillary Clinton, it’s Donald Trump whose the candidate ISIS would just love to see in the White House. For some unknown reason, we’re supposed to believe that ISIS wants the candidate whose vowed to “bomb the s–t” out of them and “take their oil,” as opposed to the candidate that doesn’t even acknowledge that ISIS is Islamic.

After ever terror attack it now seems that liberals worry more about the Islamophobia it may produce than the people who actually did lose their lives. Hillary has said on past occasions that it’s his narrative of a “War on Islam” that drives to many to terrorism in the first place. In other words, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, but don’t criticize Islam, or it’ll drive Muslims to join ISIS. That apparently makes sense to liberals.

Hillary recovered enough from her pneumonia (or whatever other diagnosis she’s hiding from the American public) to give a brief press conference yesterday where she accused Trump of “giving aid and comfort” to terrorists (like the aid and comfort of vowing to obliterate them?)

It was only a matter of time before Trump smacked her down for such a ridiculous statement, and that’s exactly what he did. Here’s his reply, courtesy of Chicks on the Right:

He also issued an official campaign statement, which reads: “Hillary Clinton’s comments today accusing Mr. Trump of treason are not only beyond the pale, it’s also an attempt to distract from her horrible record on ISIS. If Clinton really wants to find the real cause of ISIS, she needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. The decision to remove all American troops from Iraq in 2011, which was vigorously supported by Clinton, created the vacuum that led to the founding of ISIS. Nothing she says or does can ever un-ring that bell. The only thing we can expect from a Hillary Clinton presidency is more attacks on our homeland and more innocent Americans being hurt and killed.”

Honestly, who do you think would be tougher on ISIS, Trump, or Hillary? All the polls already show that most voters trust Trump more on terror, so I don’t know who Hillary is trying to fool by claiming otherwise.

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