BOOM! Whoopi Goldberg Was Left SPEECHLESS After She Found Out About Trump And Kanye’s Meeting (VIDEO)

Way to beclown yourself, Whoopi. She’s stunned that Donald Trump met with Kanye West and said so on The View. Whoopi always tris to make herself the center of attention, so of course she donned a red blinking nose like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and wore the God awfullest pair of blinking red shoes I have ever seen this lifetime. Tacky does not do it justice. And this is the paragon of virtue that takes it upon herself to question why Trump and West got together.

Kanye West requested the meeting and they spoke about life in general for about 15 minutes. Then they took a pic together. As West was leaving, Trump said they would get together again soon and to take care of himself. West had some kind of mental breakdown recently and rumor has it he and his wife Kim Kardashian may be on the verge of divorce. Since West is a big fan of Trump and is an icon to young people out there, I personally don’t have any trouble figuring out why the meeting happened. But poor Whoopi just doesn’t get it… in fact, she’s speechless.

From The Smoke Room:

Whoopi Goldberg was shocked after she found out that Donald Trump met with Kanye West at Trump Tower.

“The View” host had little to say as she introduced a segment about the meeting between the president-elect and rapper during Tuesday’s episode of the talk show.

“Right before we went on air this morning, Kanye West popped in for a surprise meeting with our president-elect at Trump Tower,” Goldberg said. “A meeting that apparently Kanye requested.”

“I don’t know what really else is there to say. I’m just going to give it to y’all.”

There are also rumors that Kanye West will perform at Trump’s Inauguration. I highly doubt that, but who knows? I have heard that Garth Brooks will perform. It would seem to me that Kid Rock, KISS or Ted Nugent would be better choices. And regardless of what the shrews on The View say, I’m sure there is plenty of talent out there who would love to perform at this Inauguration event.

This could be some kind of outreach to the black community or to young people. Donald Trump specializes in being unpredictable, so I really don’t know. Joy Behar, who thinks way more of herself than anyone else does, quipped that West could be the Secretary of Selfies. No… that post began and ended under Barack Obama. What a hosebeast. But in at least one moment of semi-sanity, Behar said the Dems lost because they didn’t reach out to young people. Bingo… they didn’t just not reach out to them, they lied to them and treated them like idiots. That’s what these elitist leftists all do.

Watching these harpies immediately lowers your IQ and causes you to leak blood out of your ears and eyes. One of them said Trump could replace Pence as VP with West. Really? You are that stupid? Then again, this is The View we are talking about. If these cackling witches are right and anything can happen, well then… maybe they’ll get cancelled. What a present to President Trump that would be. Just sayin’.

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