Border Patrol Left Jaw Dropped After INCREDIBLE Find In Car Bumper (VIDEO)


This shows you the dedication these individuals have to accomplish their illegal mission, whether in the U.S. or another country.

Terrorist or immigrants just seeking to flee their county can easily penetrate a border, especially in the United States where if caught, they are released just like it’s a fishing program.

Lets hope our agents catch the one who wants to do us harm, or we may have another 9/11 on our plate very soon.

Mad World News:

Border police were recently left astonished after realizing something was tucked away in a car’s bumper and deciding to go in after it. Rather than the usual drugs being toted across the border, when agents removed the bumper via hand tools, you can imagine their surprise to remove an entire person.

The less-than-ingenious attempt took place at the Melilla border near Morocco in North Africa, where the discovery was made by the Guardia Civil. Although its unclear which way the man was attempting to travel, the entire incident was caught on video as the police were seen removing the bumper.

After just a few screws had been removed, the bumper drops free, revealing the face of a man. According to Mirror, “Wearing no shoes, the man is dragged from the bumper by officers, looking dazed.”

The video has understandably gone viral as viewers are left just as shocked as police were to discover what was contained within the bumper. Although these guys failed in the long run, they get an “A+” for effort.

Maybe next time these guys will remember that crime doesn’t pay, no matter how clever you think you are.


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