Border State Just Found Awesome Way To Get Rid Of Illegals With What They Suddenly Started Doing

Texas may not have been one of the first states in the union, but that doesn’t keep it from being a leader in almost every other way. I guess once you’ve got the personal responsibility of being a sovereign nation, you never completely shake it. Most Texans at least seem to be willing to take or leave most of the federal governmental intervention.

That attitude is part of what makes Texas one of the leaders to finally deal with the insane and damaging illegal immigration problem that’s plaguing our nation. In the past, Obama tied the hands of many officials as to what they could and couldn’t do when it came to illegal immigrants. Basically telling them that they should only partly prosecute crimes carried out in their jurisdiction. As insane as that sounds, it was the case in many so-called “sanctuary cities.” So if you come to the U.S. illegally we were just supposed to hand out prizes and not send you back. That should discourage illegal immigration (not).

This is especially harrowing to many Texas since Mexico is the country that we had to shake loose of in order to win our independence in the first place. This would be like a woman divorcing a man who beat her and marrying a new one, but when the abuser broke into her house her the new husband said “it’s ok, we can’t kick him out, just let him stay with us, and be sure and cook for him, he’s gotta eat too.” Yeah, not cool.

Via Fox News:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Sunday prohibiting the state’s cities and counties from enacting so-called “sanctuary” laws that prevent local law enforcement officers from inquiring about the immigration status of anyone they detain.

Abbott took the unusual step of signing the bill on Facebook with no advanced public notice. He said Texas residents expect lawmakers to “keep us safe” and said similar laws have already been tested in federal court, where opponents have already been hinting the bill will be immediately challenged.

‘Let’s face it, the reason why so many people come to America is because we are a nation of laws and Texas is doing its part to keep it that way,’ Abbott said.

Protests over the bill have been intense for months and about 20 people were charged with criminal trespassing last week after staging a daylong sit-in at a state building where some of Abbott’s staff works. One Democratic state representative embarked on a three-day hunger strike in protest.

Teri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, said ‘we will fight this assault in the court’ and the ballot box. Abbott said key provisions of the bill had already been tested at the U.S. Supreme Court, which struck down several components of Arizona’s law but allowed the provision permitting police to ask about immigration status.

Republicans say the bill is needed to ensure local jails honor requests from federal officials to keep dangerous offenders behind bars.

The bill allows police to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they detain, a situation that can range from arrest for a crime to being stopped for a traffic violation. It also requires local officials to comply with federal requests to hold criminal suspects for possible deportation.

One of the bill’s most controversial provisions allows for criminal charges against city or county officials who intentionally refuse to comply with federal authorities’ attempt to deport people in the country illegally who already have been jailed on offenses unrelated to immigration. Elected officials could face up to a year in jail and lose their posts if convicted of official misconduct.”

Basically, the bill allows the boys in blue out on the street to do what they’ve wanted to do all along and actually enforce the law. They’ll be able to detain the law breakers and actually deport them back to their country of origin instead of this asinine catch and release program that has been being used in recent years. This should not only cause those who want to come to the United States consider the possibility that if they’re caught they won’t get to stay but also decrease the strain on the prison systems who are currently housing tens of thousands of illegals.

(Source: Fox News)

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