Border Wall Just Got A Special Surprise That’s Pissing Muslims Off – Definitely Aren’t Crossing Now!

The Nation of Hungary just became an example for the whole world. They have demonstrated the only sane way to deal with Muslim Refugees and illegals as a whole. What do you do? Well easy, you put up an electric fence to protect your borders. This fix is pure genius, both cheap and extremely effective.

Hungary, the birthplace of the diabolical piece of pond scum Nazi collaborating George Soros, has resisted any attempt by the pro-terrorist United Nations to force them to accept any Islamic Refugees at all. And by the looks of it, Hungary plans to keep it that way. God Bless them.

If you take into consideration all the Terrorist Attacks EU nations have suffered since former American President Barack Hussein Obama rendered the United States irrelevant and went around the world apologizing for keeping the world safe from two-bit dictators and genocidal criminals. You can tell Europe is now the place where the war on terror is largely being fought.

It’s a sad fact that this time around, because of the mental disorder that is political correctness, the good guys seem to be losing. Especially after last Sunday’s French Presidential Election, where Globalist Macron beat nationalist Trump-like Le Pen with a 66% of the vote in a nation which is now 20% Islamic. He actually got 90% of the vote in the city of Paris. Crooked Hillary Clinton couldn’t even manage that in the looney state of California.

But Hungary is fighting back. By giving a big “Up Yours” to the UN they have been able to maintain a safe nation where the terrorist threat is even below the level of “Low.” It’s non-existent.

Reuters Reports:

A daunting new barrier is beginning to loom over Hungary’s southern border, capable of delivering electric shocks to unwanted migrants and armed with heat sensors, cameras, and loudspeakers that blare in several languages.

The country was a main crossing point for hundreds of thousands of people trekking into Europe at the height of the migrant crisis in 2015. A hastily-erected first razorwire fence and tough new laws have cut arrivals to a trickle, but Budapest is not taking any chances.

“Attention, attention. I’m warning you that you are at the Hungarian border,” the loudspeakers say in English, Arabic and Farsi from the new barrier.

“If you damage the fence, cross illegally, or attempt to cross, it’s counted to be a crime in Hungary. I’m warning you to hold back from committing this crime. You can submit your asylum application at the transit zone.”

The “transit zones” are two border posts where a total of just 10 migrants per day are allowed in legally. Rights groups say they are wholly inadequate and, by creating such a tight bottleneck, may be illegal.

The new floodlit fence of wire reinforced with steel will give anyone who touches it an electric shock that well-informed sources say is mild. A police roadway will run between it and the old barrier.


Only 10 km (six miles) of the new structure has been completed but officials say the remaining 140 km (85 miles) along the border with Serbia will be finished in just two months, built largely by 700 prison inmates.

Hungary’s populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa an existential threat to the European way of life.

“The first fence was a quick solution from the government, but not a perfect one as human traffickers come equipped with tools to cut it,” said Laszlo Toroczkai, mayor of the border village of Asotthalom, who first called for borders to be sealed in 2014.

He called the new barrier “far more serious” and “absolutely reassuring”.

Border patrols prevent hundreds of crossings every day and catch migrants who make it into Hungary within the first few miles of the border, according to authorities.

The government has earmarked 38 billion forints (123 million euros) for the second fence. Orban’s chief of staff Janos Lazar said on Thursday the total cost of the border effort, including patrols and transit zones, was nearing 1 billion euros.

Obviously, the Globalists are saying this isn’t what the EU is, and it’s not who they are nor stand for. Same crap the left says about us Americans when we say we want to secure our borders. But Hungary gets it. We are all in a fight for our lives, our culture, and our very existence.

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