15-Year-Old Boy Knifed To Death Trying Rescue A Young Girl From Being Raped By Muslim Migrants – Trump Was Right !

Once again the far left wing media is trying to a ignore clear case of so-called “Diversity” gone array. Like so many times before, this time it’s the Swedish media attempting to black out information of a murdered student in the hands of a stinking pedophile Muslim killer.

Reports are that a Lithuanian student, Arminas Pileckas, was murdered in cold blood during the first day back at school by a Syrian refugee after being bullied the previous semester.

Why might you ask?  Because this hero stepped in to protect a fellow female classmate who was being sexually assaulted by a follower of “The Religion of Peace.”

The deceased victim’s father stated in an interview:

“He was hard-working, cheerful and had a lot of Swedish friends,” Pileckas has said, discounting rumors of bullying. “All loved him…the Swedish press writes that Arminas assaulted the student, but that is not the case…our son saw that boy take the girl. He stopped him and they got into a fight.” “Everything is being kept hidden”

Once again an unarmed European is killed by a Muslim Savage and no one seems to give a damn.

Sadly this is the same story we constantly keep seeing out of Europe. Muslim Refugees believe like the Quran tells them, that “infidel” women are to be used and abused so they go about what seems to be a type of ethnic cleansing. In an obvious bow to political correctness, Europeans are rapidly being silenced by their politicians and legislators into submission and they are very close to losing their culture and very land.

God bless the 2016 presidential election in the US.  Because of the election of President Donald Trump we today have at least a brief moratorium.  We can be sure the influx of so-called “refugees” will stop for now. But because we can’t just rest on our laurels lets all take this time to educate and arm ourselves in case the next election puts the globalists back into power and they continue the “Islamization of American” that was started during the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama these past 8 years.

If these “Jihadist Killers” want to go meet their 72 Virgins, who are we to stop them!

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