BOYCOTT CNN: What CNN Did To Trump Today Got Trump So Mad That He Is Going To War!

Another day, another stupid stunt by liberals and their mainstream media to twist the truth and hide the facts.

Man it’s getting quite exhausting having to deal with their endless ability to be “stupid”… isn’t it?

CNN utterly smeared Trump today for something he said… BUT ACTUALLY DIDN’T SAY.

Asshat network.

Here is what Trump said below. Compare that to the header they used for his quote.


Well that’s a far cry from the truth. How they twisted the truth so much in their little heads to come up with a perception like this, is mind blowing really.

I feel really bad for their brains, it has to be AWFUL in there…

Yea, I’m being really snippy towards CNN- it’s ok, they deserve it.

Sadly, although their lie is blatantly obvious to us, the frustrating truth of the matter is… many Americans will believe them. Which is why even your next door neighbor who is the sweetest lady in the world and a proud soccer Mom who never gets into politics is now a raging beast speaking out against Trump, because he’s a racist woman hating bigot.

See how that works?

There are far more people that don’t know what’s truly going on, and they don’t know, that they don’t know. This makes the PERFECT equation for “stupid” to take over the nation (as it has), for division to spread like a plague, and for terrifying secrets to be hidden in plain sight.

All of which is protected by the very people who it is meant to harm the most, because they are so far from being able to handle the truth, that they believe the lies. It’s easier.

However, this story does have a little bit of a happier ending then most…

Check this out.

Even if mainstream media is better equipped to be evil…we are better equipped to be smarter. Trump shows this when he pulled a fast one on them and got them to give Veterans free air-time.

POW! Right in the kisser…

You’re welcome CNN.

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