BOYCOTT: Florida Grocery Store Chain ‘Publix’ Blocks ‘Offensive’ Trump Magazine Covers

Ever go around worried that you may have to see the face of a politician you don’t like on a magazine cover, lest you be triggered? Probably not if you’re a conservative, but as the millionth Republican presidential candidate that liberals have branded the next Hitler takes office, liberals aren’t reacting kindly.

Despite Florida voting in favor of Trump, a grocery chain there, Publix, decided to shield the eyes of their customers from Trump. As Fox 4 Now reported:

A Publix shopper turned to Four in Your Corner after seeing magazines with President-elect Donald Trump’s picture being covered at the grocery store.

He was shopping at the Publix on Del Prado Boulevard and Kismet Parkway in Cape Coral.  “I lift it up and there was a picture of Donald Trump, the President-elect. I was like ‘Wow, really? I mean, what’s next?'” Walter Indyk said.

The white screen covers are usually for magazines with inappropriate language or pictures.

“I was flabbergasted. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it,” Indyk said. “I was like ‘This guy’s going to be the President. They have the nerve to cover his picture up at the check out aisle?'”

“I don’t understand what is trying to be protected here,” Rachael McDonnell of Cape Coral said. “Whether everybody likes it or not, Trump is the President-elect.”

Indyk called the Manager, who he said told him they got a lot of complaints about having the magazine there, and it was a corporate-wide decision.

Here’s the “before and after” photos of the magazine, courtesy of the Gateway Pundit:

Photo by Kristinn taylor

Photo by Kristinn Taylor

Photos taken at a Central Florida Publix on December 28 show the public being protected from viewing the National Enquirer cover featuring the Trump family. The Enquirer is placed by Publix between other tabloids that do not have censor shields blocking their covers.

You know, if liberals can’t even cope with seeing Trump’s face, the next eight years are not going to be fun for them.


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