‘Boycott NFL’ Sweeps Internet Because If Ungrateful Players Can Sit-out Anthem, Fans Can Sit-out Games

I’m definitely for boycotting the Seahawks if their players, in fact, their whole team, sits out the National Anthem on 9/11. They are now saying they are not going to do it. Not all NFL teams are taking part in this insanity, so for me, this is player-centric and it also involves some teams. I’m not really down with throwing the whole NFL under the bus… just yet. The disrespect of America, the military and our police needs to be stopped right now and I can see how #BoycottNFL is sweeping the Internet.

Those sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem is now spreading throughout the NFL. Either these coaches will have to do the Anthem before their teams take the field, like the coach did in Washington, or the owners are going to have to put their foot down. Allow the players to have free speech, but if they insist on protesting, they will have to leave the team. There are consequences for your actions, or there should be.

From BizPac Review:

The American public has had enough of the NFL sitting idly by.

Thursday night Denver Broncos player Brandon Marshall became the latest player to take knee during the anthem, and the first of the regular season. His protest came only hours after Seattle Seahawks players threatened a team-wide protest for their game on Sept. 11.

Those incidences were the end of the line for many, and the hashtag #BoycottNFL began trending on social media where it remained on Twitter’s top 10 trending topics Friday.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is literally famous among 9/11 Truthers. In a 2012 meeting with retired four-star general Peter Chiarelli, Carroll badgered him with questions about “every 9/11 conspiracy theory you can think of.” So, it is no wonder that he is supporting players protesting and is now taking the whole team down that road. Frankly, the Seahawks should be boycotted by every American out there. I won’t watch them for this and numerous other reasons. Even if they don’t sit out the National Anthem on 9/11, it’s where their sentiments lay and it disgusts me.

Americans are simply fed up with this nonsense. They go to watch football because it is a game and an escape from politics and reality in general. We don’t want politics on the field. It should have nothing to do with football or the NFL. What these players do on their own time is their business, but if they want to be a professional sports outlet, they should at least pretend they love the country that gave them the opportunity to play the game they love, get famous and very, very rich.






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