Progressives have wasted absolutely no time in turning Michael Brown into a martyr they can use to further their agenda, politicizing his death in order to further divide Americans and gain stricter control over freedom of speech under the guise of equality.

It appears these nutjobs are accomplishing this goal by targeting first grade children with a Michael Brown lesson that is pure propaganda.

While this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has even the slightest understanding of the strategies liberals employ to brainwash people into joining their cause, it’s still shocking to see a public school, funded by taxpayer dollars, blatantly support a political agenda in a lesson plan geared toward young kids.

This is unreal.

From BizPacReview:

When it comes to Michael Brown, the strong-armed robbery thug whose charge at a police officer got him shot to death in Ferguson, Mo., in August, the liberal propaganda machine is in full swing.

And thanks to the soul-crushing hypocrisy and corruption of America’s teachers unions, there’s no better place for liberal propaganda than the nation’s public schools.



Children are supposed to be receiving a quality education, which is to consist of equipping children with skills that enable them to thoughtfully engage content and issues for themselves and draw their own conclusions, not spoon feed them a political agenda.

The entire lesson is completely misguided and is full of lies. It attempts to perpetrate the myth that Brown was some kind of saint, a gentle giant who was attacked for no reason other than his skin color. That’s the same narrative the liberal media and politicians have been pushing since the incident occurred, totally ignoring all of the evidence and facts that point to the contrary.

Brown was a thug who knocked over a convenience store and assaulted a police officer. That’s what the evidence suggests, and that’s the narrative that should be told.

Our schools shouldn’t be pushing this kind of progressive garbage on young children. The fact that they’ve done this is compelling proof their strategy to brainwash kids into being good little troopers for the state is not some crazy concocted conspiracy theory cooked up by some loony in a tin foil hat.

Let’s hope the parents of these children exercise a little common sense and teach their kids the truth about what really happened to Michael Brown and the unfortunate decisions he made that cost him his life.

—Courtesy of Young Cons
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