Bratty Muslim Immigrants Irate Over What Florida Employer Is Forcing Them To Do!

When immigrant employees at a Florida community center showed up for work, they were slapped with an unfamiliar sign at the door, stating a new rule that was effective immediately. Entering with an attitude over what the center was forcing them to do, it didn’t take long for backlash to ensue, forcing those who run the joint into a submissive position after bratty immigrants made demands.

The sign that appeared outside the Deltona Community Center in Volusia County clearly stated the new expectation, which was made necessary after noticing operational issues in the kitchen. All of the non-immigrant and immigrant workers read it and had no problem understanding what it said, but not everyone agreed with it.

Management was imposing an English-only policy to keep things running smoothly, since the kitchen is a melting pot of employees, where three languages are being spoken at any given time, including Spanish and Arabic. While everyone has the ability to communicate in English and proved that with having correctly read what the controversial sign said, irate immigrants don’t feel that English should be a work requirement.

Bratty Immigrants Irate Over What Florida Employer Is Forcing Them To Do

Sign posted at community center that caused outrage

The disgruntled immigrants knew who to complain to about this. They turned on their own employer and went straight to the city commissioner, Nancy Schleicher, who immediately sided with the minorities, WFTV reported. “I, as an English-speaking person, took offense at it, and I’m sure some of our residents did,” Schleicher said. “So it could not stay,” she added about the sign.

Although a majority of the volunteers at the center said that they could see the importance of a rule like this, since communication is key to effectiveness, political correctness always seems to take precedence. Schleicher made stern contact with the management over the issue and essentially forced them to remove the sign, which they ultimately did. Along with caving to the immigrants’ and commissioner’s complaint, the center apologized for the signs, excusing it as all just a big misunderstanding.

There was no gray area with what the center was requesting of their workers, and as the operators, they were well within their right to ask that English be the only language used on the job. They are cowards to claim that there was a mistake in their black and white statement of the rule. They allowed the immigrants the power that if they complain, they will get what they want.

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