Pissed Guy Stands In Front Of Nasty Women’s March With Blunt Sign — Sends Them Into Instant Rage

Brave Man Holds Blunt Sign In Front Of Women’s March Mob — Sends Them Into Instant Rage

The days of the Women’s March on Washington continue to drone on throughout the country since these protesters have the time to do this rather than working for the birth control and abortions they want our president to pay for. One fed-up man finally had enough of the debauchery and decided to face the pink hat brigade alone, standing across from the sick feminist mob with a message of his own that certainly got their attention.

The whole idea of this march is misguided to begin with since these protesters act like they have somehow lost rights and equality now that Donald Trump is president, and perpetuate a ridiculous fear that if they go out in public, they’re going to be raped now. Not only is that overdramatic, it’s grossly incorrect since it’s based solely on a comment he made 12-years ago, yet none of these women were marching against Bill Clinton who actually did perverted things and still does — they all wanted his wife in office instead.  Now, one lone white man made they realize that if you make stupid claims and play stupid games, you’re going to win stupid prizes.

An unidentified anti-protest protester stood across from the pink hat brigade in marching in Florida, with a sign that incensed them which said, “You deserve rape.” While it may have seemed like he was diminishing sexual assault, it was more to make the point that they are, by accusing our president as a predator on women and their rights.

In no way would we advocate sexual assault nor is that what this man seems to be doing. These women diminish the severity of this crime and the emotional torment it causes victims by saying that’s what Trump is doing to their rights and allegedly promoting in his policies — which he has signed none of.

This guy with his sign gave them a taste of their own bitter medicine and was physically attacked for it. These marchers are a picture of contradiction and rather than protesting against our president, should recognize the opportunities he has afforded women in his own family, businesses, and political career. He’s created more jobs in the time since being elected than Obama did in eight years, so both men and women can get back to work, achieve the American dream, and not rely on anyone to pay their way — that’s female empowerment.

h/t: [WorldStarHipHop]

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