A group of Navy officers, who are members of the advocacy group Navy Now, have issued a warning to the Obama Administration, stating that if they continue to make cuts to the Navy’s budget, the security of the United States and the rest of the globe would be at an all-time low.

The officers included a former commandant, two Marine Corps generals, and 105 retired Navy Admirals.

The group sent a letter warning that any more spending cuts to the Navy would not only lower morale and readiness, but make it impossible to fight terrorism with the shrinking number of fleets:

“We are concerned that if the Department of the Navy is required to continue to respond to crisis after crisis without the funding needed to build new ships, repair old equipment and provide routine maintenance to existing equipment, the nation risks permanent damage to our national defense and negative impacts on the domestic and international economies that rely on the safety and security that U.S. sea power provides.”

The letter sent by the group went on to say:

“As retired admirals and generals who have had the privilege of leading our military forces, we write to express our concern that the United States Department of the Navy is underfunded and overextended, placing our national defense, our Sailors and Marines, and the stability of the global economy at risk.”

The letter, which was sent to Congress, was signed by vice chiefs of staff, regional commanders and aircraft group commanders, and Marine Corps Commandant James Conway.

Their demands included:

— Build and maintain 306 ships (an increase from 289 today).

— Continue to provide vital combat support to our forces wherever they may be engaged.

— Update and maintain existing aircraft, invest in new designs and continue with critical modernization programs.

— Restore the fleet maintenance schedule that has been badly disrupted by 13 years of war combined with severe reductions in the number of ships.

— Replenish weapons inventories to required levels.

— Invest in the next-generation capabilities necessary for the Navy to remain relevant in the future.

As our men and women continue to put their lives on the line to secure our freedoms day-in and day-out, it seems asinine that our forces are having to beg this administration for the resources necessary to do their jobs. But as this administration refuses to do anything to secure our borders to mitigate the threat of terrorists entering out country, does it really surprise anyone that the safety of our nation and the strength of our military is not a concern to this administration?

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