BREAKING: 2 Liberal Judges Just REMOVED For SICK Thing They Were Doing To SCREW ‘Certain’ Victims

When our country was founded our founders believed in checks and balances. The purpose of each of the branches of government was to make sure that each branch held others in check. However, we have strayed very far from integrity and truthfulness that was paramount in our government.

Every day we hear of how judges throughout America have abused their power for their own personal gain. Instead of these people being exposed as corrupt people they are the mainstream media sweeps it under the rug. For instance, if you do a quick Google search you can find pages of judges that were charged with judicial misconduct.

Which brings you to the most recent case of judicial misconduct by two liberal judges. This story should be national news, but since they are liberals well, you know the rest. Two democrat judges were removed from office for “case-fixing schemes”.

One of the judges unethically intervened in court cases while the other is guilty of seven violations of judicial ethics rules, including bringing the court into disrepute”.

Here is more from

“The Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline ruled on Friday that Municipal Court Judge Dawn Segal and Common Pleas Court Judge Angeles Roca be removed from office for their involvement in separate case-fixing schemes.

Municipal Court Judge Angeles Roca

Lawyers for both judges say they are appealing the decisions to the state Supreme Court.

In October, the disciplinary court found that Roca had unethically intervened in a tax case involving her son by calling then-Municipal Court Judge Joseph Waters Jr., who reached out to Segal, who then reversed herself and issued a ruling favorable to Roca’s son.”

Waters was sentenced in January 2015 to two years in prison for fixing cases on behalf of campaign donors and political allies. He was released about a month ago.

In July, the court found Segal guilty of seven violations of judicial ethics rules, including bringing the court into disrepute.

“I got something in front of you at 1 o’clock today,” Waters told Segal in an intercepted 2011 phone conversation in which he asked for favorable treatment of a politically connected defendant appearing before her.

“Oh, OK. OK,” Segal responded, according to the disciplinary panel.

Wiretaps also captured Segal telling Waters she had helped him with her rulings.

In Segal’s case, the court acknowledged that Segal had been approached by Waters, “a corrupt judge.” And, the court said, Roca at first had only sought advice from Waters before the conversation extended to intervening in her son’s case. But neither judge stood up to Waters, the court said.

“As we have said in more detail in prior decisions, when it comes to corrupt acts and the derogation of a fair and just judicial process, a judge must have ‘the willingness to stand up for what was right and buck a corrupt tide,'” the court wrote in both rulings.

Common Pleas Court Judge Angeles Roca

Ok, I am sure you are asking yourself, but where does it say they are democrats, right? Well, it takes the writer 12 paragraphs to mention it.

“Roca and Segal, both Democrats, had been on unpaid suspension. If the rulings stand, they would be ineligible to hold judicial office in the future.”

Now, you know that if both these judges were republicans that would have been mentioned in the title and the first paragraph. However, since they are liberals they keep that hidden away from the public.

However, this is not the first time that liberal judges have abused their authority on the bench. Just a month ago another liberal judge from Multnomah County, Oregon helped an illegal immigrant get away from ICE agents.

Here is more on that story:

“22-year old Diddier Pacheco – an illegal immigrant from Mexico, appeared before court and Judge Monica Herranz on January 27 to plead guilty to a DUI case in Multnomah County, Oregon.

When it was discovered that ICE agents were awaiting Mr. Pacheco outside, the judicial official allegedly decided to instill her own style of justice and allegedly allowed Pacheco to exit the courtroom via her private judge entrance.

Herranz is on the board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association, which have heightened suspicions of her being guilty.

It is well known that Multnomah courthouses only have three entrances: one for the judge, one for the public and one for the inmates.”

Or, how about the Texas judge who wore the pink “pussy” hat on the bench? As you can see the list goes on for these liberal activist judges, and the mainstream media is silent.

These judges in Philadelphia should be on the national news so that everyone can see what they did. They not only disgraced the bench but screwed over innocent victims in order to get the outcome they wanted.

But, it doesn’t stop there in my opinion. We the people are the ones that truly get the short end of the stick. The purpose of the media is to report the news without political bias so we can make an informed decision. However, because of these liberal media outlets, they are more interested in pushing their sick agenda.

That is why it is important to support alternative media sources folks. Because without it none of us would know what was going on the world.

What do you think about what these liberal judges did? Sound off in the comments below!

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