2 Terror Attacks In Germany: Refugees Detonate Suicide IED And Hack Woman To Death With Machete

Germany has remained on high alert after a domestic terrorist attack perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists. A 21 year old Syrian refugee murdered a woman and her unborn child with a machete. The attack took place in Reutlingen, Germany. Another man ran over the terrorist with his car which ended his rampage and he was then taken into custody.

The Wall Street Journal reported,

“A man apparently set off a bomb in the German town of Ansbach on Sunday evening, killing himself and injuring at least 10 people, police said.

The blast occurred shortly after 10 p.m. outside the entrance to an open-air concert attended by 2,000 people, Ansbach Mayor Carda Seidel said at a press conference.

The people inside the concert venue were safely evacuated, she said. “It was apparently an explosive device,” Ms. Seidel said. The man who died was believed to be the person who caused the explosion, police said.”

In another attack an 18 year old killed nine German citizens near Munich at a shopping mall plaza. The attacker later committed suicide. Also, in Ansbach a man detonated a suicide bomb at a music festival which injured ten and killed one person.

Social media went wild over the tragedy, and rightfully so.

The tragedy around the world seems endemic. President Obama has got to be out of his ever loving mind considering he just denounced Trump and his RNC speeches as hateful and divisive. Saying the country isn’t nearly as dangerous as purported. These recent attacks on our Western European allies speak for themselves and don’t require any explanation at all.

Word of warning, this is what’s to come should Clinton be elected president. She favors a 500% increase in refugees coming into the United States. With the barrage of attacks Germany just weathered God only knows what is to come for us.

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