BREAKING: 5 Republican Governors Make DEVASTATING Move Against Obamacare

Nikki Haley

President Barack Obama just received some important news about the Affordable Care Act … and the diagnosis is not good for the president’s signature piece of legislation.

Five Republican governors have announced that they will not implement one of the central pieces of Obamacare if the Supreme Court strikes down the controversial law.

The governors of Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina and Wisconsin have all stated that they will not create state exchanges just to prop up the president’s failed program. Those local insurance exchanges are at the center of a major legal controversy.

“State exchanges are the federal government’s way of sticking states with the cost and responsibility of a massive new bureaucratic program,” explained Chaney Adams, a spokesperson for South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

“The right decision was made for South Carolina, and Gov. Haley would make it again today,” they continued.

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering the case of King v. Burwell. The plaintiff has argued that the tax credits promised by Obamacare only apply to states with health care exchanges and not to federal exchanges.

That legal distinction may seem trivial, but a major portion of Obama’s health care law could unravel if the Supreme Court agrees with the claim.

The court is due to hear arguments in King v. Burwell in March and then make a decision on the case later this year (H/T Western Journalism).

Barack Obama’s signature legislation will likely be dead in the water if the Supreme Court sides with the plaintiff … and it could be sunk completely if more state governors refuse to implement state exchanges as these five have.

The Affordable Care Act has proven to be neither affordable nor particularly caring. Like so many legal monstrosities, it has shown that big government cannot solve problems. It only makes them worse.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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