BREAKING: 6 Dead 115 Just Evacuated In Florida DAYS After Hurricane With What Just Happened

Hurricane Irma already made her path through Florida at the start of this week and while her wrath caused some sizeable damage to the state. However, now, another evacuation is underway in Florida with 115 people suddenly forced out displaced, and six have been declared dead.

Although some believe that Irma’s wrath wasn’t as devastating as it was projected to be, the dangers of the unknown have now proven to be far worse. While police are working feverishly to squelch the prolific looting underway by criminal opportunists and making substantial headway there, they now have a whole new problem on their hands.

Rescue workers and law enforcement have their work cut out for them with getting the state back in order, which now accounts for 115 more displaced people they weren’t planning on. In the aftermath of the disaster, a deadly new emergency has emerged for some of the most vulnerable residents.

Fox News reports:

More than 100 people were evacuated from a Florida nursing home Wednesday after six people were reported dead at the Hollywood facility, whose residents were suffering from intense heat caused by a lack of electricity after deadly Hurricane Irma swept through.

Irma may have moved on from Florida, but lingering dangers caused by the storm, including carbon monoxide poisoning and heat-related incidents caused by a lack of air conditioning, remain in the Sunshine State, as millions wait for power to be restored.

Officials in Hollywood said at least six people died and 115 people were evacuated from Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, located about 20 miles north of Miami.

“We’re conducting a criminal investigation inside,” Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez said. “We believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power in the storm. We’re conducting a criminal investigation, not ruling anything out at this time.”

While many are arguing over President Trump somehow being responsible for Irma or complaining about people denying “climate change” as a potential cause, victims are being forgotten and dying in the disaster.

As all this is happening around these innocent, almost forgotten people, real heroes are heading into the disaster zone to get them out to safety. The victims don’t care about what caused Irma right now or celebrity’s gripes about climate change, they just want to live to see another day. The only climate that matters to them, is the one inside the nursing home that’s too hot and has already killed six of them.

None of the remaining 115 want to be next on that list and they won’t because there are people watching out for them and they aren’t the ones working the anti-Trump telethon to raise money but are really using the live coverage to trash our president.

Updated reports after this image was captured say six have now died

Fox News‘ report continues, explaining what’s happening now in and around the nursing home:

“Sanchez said investigators believe the deaths were heat-related, adding it was a ‘sad event.'” 

“Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief confirmed three people were pronounced dead at the facility. City officials said three additional people later died at the hospital.”

“The Hollywood Police and Hollywood Fire Rescue received a call around 4 a.m. at the facility, and found ‘several patients in varying degrees of medical distress,’ city officials said.” 

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