BREAKING: 7 Brutally Shot To Death Overnight, Trump Just Released Shocking Statement To America

During Obama’s America, criminals in Chicago had full reign to do whatever the hell they wanted. But as Chicago continues to turn into a literal war zone as the homicides this year are on pace for a historic record, President Trump has finally had enough. Now he’s putting these violent criminals on notice, giving them a brutal reminder that there’s a new sheriff in town after even more innocent lives were taken overnight, including a pregnant woman.

While Obama and local law enforcement in Chicago turned a blind eye over the years to the horrendous homicide problem plaguing their city as hordes of Black Lives Matter terrorists continued to cause mayhem and destruction, we now finally have a president willing to do something about it. Trump has warned city officials several occasions what he would do if they didn’t protect the people of Chicago, announcing back in Janissary that he would be sending in the Feds to clean up the mess if they didn’t become proactive.


But apparently Trump’s threat to send in his officials fell on deaf ears. On Thursday, a record for homicides committed in a single day was set, as 7 people were brutally gunned down in Chicago, including a woman who was 8 months pregnant and had just picked out a name for her baby. As Thursday marked the deadliest day so far this year, it appears that Trump’s plans to send in the feds will now officially kick into high gear as he has finally had enough.

People are quickly realizing that when Trump makes a promise, he isn’t just blowing smoke up people’s butts. Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” isn’t confined to just Washington D.C. and you can be sure that these problems that have plagued Chicago for decades are about to finally be addressed!

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