Osan Air Base of the US Air Force, located south of South Korea’s capital Seoul, has been forced to lock down Monday due to reports of an active high school shooter. Security forces were dispatched to sweep the base, which houses 28,500 troops.

Following reports, people on the base have been told to remain in their quarters or workplaces until further notice, AP cited Osan spokesman Tech. Sgt. Stacy Foster as saying.

The US base published a statement on its website, saying that “Osan American High School, Middle School and Elementary School are on lockdown here, along with the entire installation following reports of an active shooter in the location of the school.”

After checking 50 percent of the area, no unusual activity has yet been reported, the statement said, adding that personnel are still advised to avoid the area and “remain under cover.”

Morgan Nugent, principal of Osan American High School, has explained in a Facebook post that the move was triggered by an anonymous caller reporting an “active shooter drill.” No such drill was scheduled for Monday, so officials “decided to error [sic] on the side of safety” and lock down the premises.

Osan Air Base, which is 64 kilometers (40 miles) away from Seoul, is home to the Pacific Air Forces’ 51st Fighter Wing and includes the headquarters of the US Seventh Air Force. Some 28,500 troops have been stationed there as a deterrent to North Korea. The base, as well as joint annual US-South Korean drills, has been causing outbursts of tension from Pyongyang, which sees US presence in the region as a sign of planned aggression.

Courtesy of RT

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