BREAKING: It’s Actually Happening! Trump Just STRIPPED Sanctuary Cities!

What the United States new Commander in Chief lacks in diplomacy, he more than makes up for in follow through. President Trump promised to fix the illegal immigration problem in the US, and he’s hitting it from all angles. Not only is he making plans for the new border wall, he’s finding new ways to round up the illegals and deport them. Obviously, something that he’s doing is working because the illegals are so worried about deportation they are willingly removing themselves from programs like SNAP.

One of the more ridiculous benefits that illegals have enjoyed with liberals running the country is safety from ICE in sanctuary cities. This basically means that there is no asking a potential alien about his status, and no holding them for ICE if their status as being illegal comes out. It’s an entirely defiant stance that has no legal foundation. It’s pretty much just a way for cities to keep their massive illegal population from becoming a hassle that they have to deal with in the city jails.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today made an announcement about the alteration of these policies.

When cities and states refuse to help enforce immigration laws, our nation is less safe.

Failure to deport aliens who are convicted of criminal offenses puts whole communities at risk, especially immigrant communities in the very sanctuary jurisdictions that seek to protect perpetrators.

Today I’m urging states and local jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws including 8 USC § 1373.

Moreover the Department of Justice will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying for Department of Justice grants to certify compliance with 1373 as a condition for receiving those awards.


Liberals are trying so hard to not hurt the feelings of the criminals that they are endangering the innocent. Not only is it bad for the safety of the locals to allow the current criminals to roam free, it’s actually encouraging the new hordes that are still attempting to breach our borders to congregate there. I have no idea how anyone could say with a straight face that these cities are a good idea.

Thankfully the current Administration with President Trump at the helm is going to reintroduce government to a little think know as common sense.

(Source: Young Cons)

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