Breaking! Alaska Police Officer shot multiple times in AMBUSH ATTACK

A police officer was shot multiple times in what is being described as an ambush attack in Anchorage, Alaska.

From the Anchorage Police Department:

At 4:36 a.m. an officer reported to dispatch that shots were fired and medics needed to respond to the area of 5th Avenue and Cordova Street. It was reported to dispatch that another officer had been shot and a male had been shot as well. An officer was transported to a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. The officer is currently undergoing emergency surgery and is expected to survive. A male with multiple gunshot wounds was declared deceased at the scene.

A preliminary investigation found that an officer was responding in their patrol car to a report of a theft suspect who was on foot in the area of 5th Avenue and Cordova. As the officer was initiating a stop, a male brandishing a gun approached the patrol car and started firing at the officer. The officer was shot multiple times and also returned fire. Another APD officer arrived as shots were being fired and that officer also shot at the suspect. Additional officers responded and rendered aid to the injured officer and the suspect. The suspect was declared deceased at the scene. APD’s Crime Scene has responded to collect and gather evidence at the scene. Fifth Avenue has been closed between Denali and Barrow Streets for the investigation.

From the Associated Press:

Police in Alaska say an officer has been shot multiple times in what they described as an ambush.

The attack happened early Saturday morning. The man suspected of shooting the officer was killed, and the officer is expected to survive.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro says the officer was in surgery following the shooting in downtown Anchorage just before 5 a.m.

The officer was responding to reports that a theft suspect was on foot, and the officer was pulling over his cruiser over when a man with a gun started firing. Castro says that the officer got out of his vehicle, and the shooter continued to fire as the officer was on the ground.

Another officer responded and returned fire at the shooter.

Police officer to survive and murderous scumbag dead? Sounds like a happy ending to me.

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