BREAKING: Another State Makes Huge Move to Require Drug Testing for Welfare


Another state is taking a major stand against freeloaders. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker just announced that the Midwestern state will push to keep drug users from receiving free benefits such as taxpayer-funded health care and food stamps.

Walker’s proposed state budget would require drug testing for people who apply for public assistance. The aim is to keep people from abusing the system and ensure that state resources are given only to those truly in need.

Predictably, liberals in Wisconsin spoke out against the common-sense plan. “This proposal is more about making headlines than finding real solutions,” said Democrat Rep. Jennifer Shilling.

Apparently in the minds of leftists, keeping drug addicts from wasting The People’s money isn’t a “real solution.”

A dozen states have already passed similar rules requiring drug testing before public benefits can be provided.

Some of those states require testing for every applicant, while others investigate welfare recipients who raise red flags, according to JS Online.

Many online commenters responded positively to Wisconsin’s announcement, and agreed with the need for drug testing.

“After all the money paid out is coming from taxpayer/workers who likely took a drug test to first earn the money from which the government later doles out,” stated one reader. “Why should the ‘earners’ be held to stricter standards than the ‘receivers?’”

However, other observers questioned how much taxpayer money the plan would actually save.

“(T)he amount of money saved by keeping the small percentage of people that test positive off welfare is going to pale in comparison to the cost of testing everyone. In terms of pure financial sense, this proposal is idiotic,” said one commenter.

The exact costs and benefits of the proposal still remain to be seen in Wisconsin. However, it seems like common-sense to ensure that taxpayer money is being used wisely and not spent on supported drug addicts and societal dropouts.

Scott Walker is quickly earning a reputation as a conservative who truly believes in responsible, limited government — and that’s something we can get behind.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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