The reality of President Obama’s unfunded mandate for shielding illegal immigrants is beginning to set in.

And now, some governors are fighting back.

One of them is Gov. Jan Brewer, R-Ariz. On a recent appearance on Fox and Friends, Gov. Brewer talked about the burdens from the president’s action that must be borne by the states. [H/T Newsmax.]

Brewer was asked by the hosts whether she believed states had any recourse in fighting the executive action in court or by legislative means.

“Well, we would like to believe that we do,” Brewer said.

“I believe what he has done is absolutely wrong and unjust and, certainly, unconstitutional.”

She also added she’d been in touch with Texas Governor-Elect Greg Abbott, who has announced that he’ll file a lawsuit against the federal government over the immigration action.

“I believe that people out there believe that we can take action and end up in court again,”Gov. Brewer said.

While not one of the issues discussed in the immediate outrage over Obama’s immigration action, the costs to the states is an issue that looms large.

As it stands now, states will incur costs for driver licensing, healthcare, and in-state post-secondary tuition under the president’s decree.

For states like Arizona, who are right on the border, the costs could be massive.

“Financially, it’s a killer,” Brewer said of the costs of the plan.

“We’re still in economic concerns we’ve been facing for the last few years, for it to be forced upon us to take care of these people… the bottom line is that we simply just cannot afford it.”

When asked what she would say to Obama, Gov. Brewer pulled no punches.

“Today, I think I would say, Mr. President, I have invited you to my border for six years. You have never come.”

“We have an issue. We have a problem.”

“And nothing will be resolved, Mr. President, until you see with your own eyes the issues that we’re all facing, and it’s up to you to lead this country, and do it constitutionally.”

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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