BREAKING: Australia Taking Steps to Ban Mosques, Here’s Why…


A time will come when things will be so out of control with Islamist, that Americans and world powers will have to chose between safety of he people or upsetting a religion.

The longer we ignore it, the worse it will become. It’s time to wake up. For Christ sake, an employee last year in Oklahoma had her head cut off. Is this the America you want? This stuff is so bizarre and yet we are doing nothing to prevent it.

Here’s what Australia is doing, via Conservative Tribune:

While President Barack Obama continues to cater to terrorist-linked groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and welcomes Muslim groups holding prayer sessions outside of the White House, other civilized countries who realize the imminent danger of radical Islam are actually taking measures to secure their countries.

Australian politician and member of the Queensland State Parliament, Steve Dickson, has announced that he’ll present a petition from the Sunshine Coast Safe Communities group calling for a ban on Muslim mosques to the State Parliament.

The petition was started last year and gained momentum, calling for the state government to add “places of worship” to the Sustainable Planning Act.

Under the proposed changes, the definition will “exclude any applicant who advocates, teaches or practices an ideology philosophy or political system which contradicts the tenets of Australian Law.”

The group has also requested that the House make the necessary changes to ban groups or individuals who practice “Sharia law, the subjugation of woman, honour killing and polygamous marriage,” which would encompass the religion of Islam, since that’s exactly what Muslims believe in.

The group claims the change will, “defend Queensland communities and eliminate the threat of terrorism and the threat from political Islam.”

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, the group has also made headway by preparing a petition aimed at stopping the addition of a new mosque in Maroochydore.

Though many Australian politicians are unwilling to support such a critical issue, as in America, there are some brave ones like Dickson who value the safety and security of their country over the next election cycle.

While denying those who practice any faith a place in which to do so without violating fundamental rights is a risky undertaking, denying those who would do violence to their fellow countrymen a place to plot such acts is only reasonable.

And it goes without saying that something must be done about the continued threat of radical Islamic terrorism
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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