BREAKING: BAD News For Obama After Trump Just Noticed What He Stole From His Office

For the past 8 years, Obama did everything he could to strengthen our enemies while crippling our military and stabbing our allies in the back. While we are thankful that he is finally out of office, something very disturbing has gone missing from the White House, that President Trump just noticed. And it is leading everyone to believe there was a massive coverup on behalf of the Obama Administration to bury the unfortunate truth about Obama’s treasonous ties to one of America’s most dangerous enemies.

Before the rise of ISIS, America’s main goal was to rid the planet of Al Qaeda. Obama might have fooled Americans for a while by thinking he was on our side as he used the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as a way to prop up his foreign policy success. However it now appears now that Obama’s “war on terrorism” was just a huge facade for the plans he was secretly making with Islamic terrorists behind our backs.


After our Navy Seals delivered the kill shot on bin Laden, over 1 million documents were recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound that were immediately turned over to intelligence officials within the Obama Administration. Within a 6 year span, Obama would release 571 of these documents, but the the remaining documents remained locked away, with intel experts asserting that the information contained in them was invaluable to America’s war on Islamic terror.

In the last 24 hours that Obama was president, 49 additional documents that were captured during the Bin Laden raid were released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), along with Obama’s statement  that this was everything that he had. Along with the documents, a statement was included that was titled, “Closing the Book on Bin Laden: Intelligence Community Releases the Final Abbottabad Documents.”

But the night before Trump’s inauguration, the remaining documents numbering close to 1 million that were being stored at Office of the Director of National Intelligence suddenly went missing. The documents should’ve been handed over to the Trump Administration, but now horrifically, there is absolutely no trace of where they went.

While Obama asserts that everything was released, 49 plus the previously released 571 documents hardly adds up to 1 million. So it begs the question: What was in those documents that Obama was so desperate to keep hidden, that he would be willing to actually steal from the National Intelligence office? There is obviously a damning connection between Obama and al Qaeda that Obama is frantic to keep buried. But now with these documents missing, it looks like President Trump will have his work cut out for him to get to the truth of just Obama’s big secret is.

H/T [Daily Wire, Conservative Daily Post]


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