BREAKING: Ben Carson makes SURPRISE announcement about serving in Trump admin

Trump’s cabinet is coming together, and speculation is running rampant. As visualized below, there are some interesting potential picks he’ll have.

After appointing Reince Priebus as chief of staff, and Steve Bannon as chief strategist, it’s anyone’s guess who he’ll choose for other positions. Newt Gingrich could be replacing Crooked Hillary as Secretary of State – which is that I have my fingers crossed for more than anything.

Among the other potential picks are Rudy Giuliani for AG, Jeff Sessions for Sec. of Defense, Chris Christie for Commerce Sec, Steve Mnuchin (or Carl Icahn) for Treasury Secretary, and Michael Flynn as Nat. Security Advisor.

Trump's possible cabinet

Last week, Politico reported that Ben Carson’s name was being floated as a possible candidate for the positions of Secretary of Health and Human Services and Secretary of Education. The website Circa reported today that Carson had actually been offered the HHS position.

But the neurosurgeon doesn’t want to be locked into a political job, as Allen West reported:

It’s more likely that Carson will act as an advisor, as Politico is reporting that Carson will not serve in the Trump administration, according to a longtime confidant of the retired neurosurgeon.

He has no interest in a cabinet position, or any position in the administration,” Carson adviser Armstrong Williams told Politico.

Carson has been frequently mentioned as a possible Health and Human Services or Education secretary. But Williams said Carson believes he can better serve President-elect Donald Trump as an outside adviser, given Carson’s lack of governing experience. “It’s not an issue of him turning down anything,” Williams said. “It was clear that he had his pick of what he wanted to do.”

Carson told the Washington Post that “the way I’m leaning is to work from the outside and not from the inside. I want the freedom to work on many issues and not be pigeonholed into one particular area.”

As a candidate, Carson stressed the role of citizens who serve in the government for limited periods of time, as our founders intended, rather than becoming career politicians. We can only hope that while Carson may not be choosing formal government service at this time, that he indeed will prove to be a trusted outside adviser to President Trump.

One of the things I’ve always liked about Carson is his ideas on healthcare reform. We all want to repeal ObamaCare, but then begins the debate over what will replace it. I’d trust a neurosurgeon over a community organizer like Obama or a criminal like Hillary.

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