BREAKING: Bergdahl’s Platoon Testifies In Hearing; ‘We All Upheld Our Oath’ Bergdahl Did Not


The liberal progressive counter culture are at war with veterans. They work hard to destroy the foundation of military ethos. First it was the New York Times and deputy assistant secretary of public affairs, at Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, who labeled the 501st Infantry psychopaths. –

Retired SPC Cody Full was very clear about what happened when the deserter, Bergdahl, left his post. Although democrat Brad Sherman did his best to justify the prisoner exchange of five Islamic terrorist for a deserter, he underestimated the integrity of the 25th Infantry Division . SPC Cody Full stood his ground and upheld his obligation, representing the core values which is embedded in the American.

[quote_left]“You should not be able to desert your fellow Americans without consequences. Bowe Bergdahl should not be characterized as having served with honor and distinction.”[/quote_left]

It’s a shame we live in a society where veterans have to defend what it means to serve with character, integrity, loyalty and honor. But from the Obama Regime, our returning OEF/OIF veterans are having their core values compromised.

The Obama loyalists portray Bergdahl as a soldier who served with honor and distinction.

This is the biggest lie of the century, besides the VA cover up. It’s insulting to release five terrorists for a deserter, but it’s a disgrace to discredit the 501 Infantry. The Obama Regime is a weak embarrassment. We have a commander in chief who bows to Islam, negotiates, prays, and funds Islamic terrorists, who commit crimes against humanity.

God Bless the 501st Infantry. Keep on fighting these communists until they run away like the cowards they really are. Bergdahl might be a hero to liberal progressives, but deserters will be judged. Obama, his desertion on America will be judged next.


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