BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Couple Plant Dummy Bomb At Elementary School To Ambush Responding Police

Wow… and it doesn’t even make the freaking news. Did you know in the last week, six police officers have been shot and two run over? Our boys and girls in blue are being hunted down and assassinated across the country and the media could care less. In Birmingham, Alabama, a couple who claim to be part of the New Black Panthers and the Black Mafia planted a fake bomb at a school, hoping to lure cops there, so they could kill them. The bomb looked realistic enough to draw the attention of multiple agencies. But in the end it turned out to be fake. These asshats are surely part of Black Lives Matter as well.

The charges against Zachary Edwards, 35, and Raphel Dilligard, 34, include making terrorist threats, rendering a false alarm and possessing a hoax destructive device. They were determined to either off police officers or do a bank robbery. I call it chaotic communism. These two are useful idiots… fodder for the movement. Radical racists who are cop killers and foot soldiers in a war most don’t even see. They aren’t very bright either. The guy tried to disguise his voice as a woman’s and called from his own house. Needless to say, the police traced the call with little to no effort and these two wound up in cuffs.

From Blue Lives Matter:

Birmingham, Alabama – Two people in Birmingham, Alabama planted a fake bomb to lure in police officers and shoot them.

35-year-old Zachary Edwards and 34-year-old Raphel Dilligard of Birmingham have been charged with making terrorist threats, rendering a false alarm and possessing a hoax destructive device according to Capt. Jeff Bridges of Trussville, Alabama.

A fake bomb was found outside of Magnolia Elementary School on November 16th that was real looking enough to get a response from several different local and federal agencies including the FBI. Police say that the device contained modeling clay, gunpowder, and a timer but was not an active explosive device. Edwards then called 911 from his house, and disguised his voice as a woman to call in the bomb in the truck. Police were able to trace the phone call back to Edwards, and they obtained security footage of Dilligard purchasing the dummy bomb materials from Walmart.

After Edwards and Dilligard were arrested they told police that they were planning on shooting police at the school or robbing a bank while authorities were busy with their fake bomb, according to Fox News. Edwards told police that he was part of the Black Panthers and Black Mafia.

The woman bought the materials at Walmart in full view of security cameras. It’s almost as if they wanted to be busted for this. Wonder if they were a distraction while something else went down? Just sayin’. And planting this outside an elementary school is just plain evil. They should be charged with domestic terrorism over this.

Authorities determined that a stopwatch used as a timer in the fake bomb was sold at Walmart and they began searching stores where it may have been purchased. The search led to video surveillance images of Dilligard and, in turn, Edwards. Mensa candidates these two are not. Either these two were expendable members or their professed groups or wannabe gangstas. Either way, I’m glad they are off the streets. The war on police continues and as blue blood is spilled, the media is silent.


A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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