BREAKING: Black Lives Thug In Body Armor Tries To ‘ASSASSINATE’ Two CA Cops


This has now become so stinking common place, it doesn’t even really make the headlines. In Vallejo, California, two officers were on a break inside a Starbucks when a Black Lives Matter thug in body armor and who was heavily armed tried to assassinate them.

Fortunately for the officers, this idiot’s rifle malfunctioned. Adam Powell then fled after he realized he was screwed and the officers fired on him, hitting him three times. He was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Pity he survived. Neither officer was injured in the altercation.

From the Los Angeles Times:

A man carrying a heavily modified, military-style weapon and wearing body armor was shot and wounded by police Sunday night after he confronted two Vallejo officers on break inside a Starbucks, authorities said.

Adam Powell, 41, of Suisun City pointed the weapon at the officers, but fled the coffee shop when the rifle apparently malfunctioned and failed fire, said Lt. Jeff Bassett, a Vallejo Police Department spokesman. The officers fired on Powell, striking him three times.

Powell was taken to an area hospital, where he was being treated for life-threatening injuries. The officers, who discovered that Powell was also carrying a loaded handgun, were not injured.

“The attempted assassination of two Vallejo police officers while on a coffee break underscores the extreme danger that police officers face on a daily basis,” the lieutenant said in a statement.

Powell is linked to another shooting just five hours before the attempted hit in Starbucks. He is the father of a 2 year-old boy who was found shot and critically injured inside a home 18 miles north of Vallejo. The police say the shooting of the child may have been accidental… I highly doubt that. He left the child there to die and went off to kill police officers. At least this time, the police are saying “all possibilities are being explored.”

This guy just strolled into the Starbucks with his body armor and gun… the officers looked up and realized what was about to happen and went into action. The police gave chase as Powell fled after his rifle malfunctioned. The officers shot at Powell at the intersection of Magazine and Sheridan streets as Powell appeared to manipulate the weapon with his hands. All of this was caught on surveillance video.

“I think that we would all agree that somebody going into our community equipped with an assault weapon, a secondary weapon and wearing body armor is an extreme danger to everybody, so I am so very grateful that our officers took the actions that they did, put themselves in harm’s way on behalf of our community,” Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Bidou said at a news conference Monday.

These officers were ambushed by someone with superior fire power… they were just lucky the gun didn’t work. They were very brave in their response when going after this guy. This is the kind of danger officers face every day now from Black Lives Matter.


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