BREAKING: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter In Chicago! [SHOCK VIDEO]

Chicago: An older man is yanked from his car, viciously beaten, robbed, and has his car stolen by anti-Trump thugs. The man now suffers from a brain injury as a result of the attack. Police are still trying to locate the attackers.

America is tired of this nonsense, violence, and absurdity from thugs thinking they can go around attacking people because there’s a difference of opinion.

The video contains two people beating the man, another man in the car stealing things, and multiple people surrounding the area in a mob-like presence as they chant anti-Trump words and talk about him getting beat up.

This is terrible behavior and the people who did this should spend at least five to ten years in prison learning how to become better human beings.

No one should be physically attacked because of who they voted for. No one deserves this at all.

When Obama was elected, TWICE, you didn’t see this sort of behavior anywhere. People went to work and carried on with their day for eight years.

Trump hasn’t been President elect for eight days and we already have the losers and crybabies acting up.

Joe for America – “You voted Trump? You gonna pay for that s#!t!” one person repeatedly screamed as a mob of black men viciously beat an older white man in Chicago because he ‘voted for Donald Trump’.

The thugs also steal his belongings as another woman shouts “beat his ass,”!

Its not clear even if the victim was even a Trump supporter, but the clip shows the thugs repeatedly screaming, “you voted Donald Trump” as they assault the man.

There are terrible people in America and this video has several of them.

This despicable, terrible, irresponsible behavior is what we need to fix in America.

Thugs need to grow up, get a job, and be a good part of the community instead of being the problem.

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