BREAKING: Blacks Are JUMPING Aboard The TRUMP TRAIN in MASSIVE LOADS! Look at These Numbers!


We’re constantly told that Trump has a problem with the minority vote, but how much of that is reality, and how much is just the media narrative?

Let’s summarize who Trump has apparently alientated. Women – because he dares say mean things to women in addition to men. Muslims – because he wants to fight Islamic extremism. Hispanics – because he wants to fight illegal immigration. And last – blacks, for reasons unknown.

To be honest, none of those reasons even remotely make sense. Watch a few episodes of The Apprentice and you’ll notice that if he’s going to be nasty to you – your gender and skin color are irrelevant. And it’s liberals reminding us that most Muslims aren’t terrorists – so why would Muslims oppose his anti terrorism policy? Most legal immigrants despise those who want to jump through the legal hurdles they did, so why would Hispanics oppose Trump’s anti-illegal immigration stance?

Yeah – it’s bogus. The reason Trump doesn’t have women and minorities as his primary demographic is simple: women and minorities vote majority Democrat in EVERY election. Mitt Romney only captured under five percent of the black vote – which makes Trump look like the kind of minority outreach by comparison. As Downtrend reporting using data from 100 Percent Fed Up:

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump has had a huge increase in black voter support. Anyone who’s attended a Trump rally can attest to how diverse the crowd really is. Here are images conveying the steady increase in support.



That’s not all. In a poll by Florida Atlantic University and the Economics Polling Initiative, it was noted that Trump had gained 20 percent of the black American vote in Florida. To put that in perspective, here are a few statistics.

  • In 1992, President George H.W. Bush received 10 percent of the black vote in Florida.
    In 1996, Sen. Bob Dole won 9 percent of the black vote in Florida.
    In 2004, President George W. Bush had only 13 percent of the black vote in Florida.
    In 2008, Sen. John McCain could only get 4 percent of the black vote in the state.
    In 2012, Gov. Mitt Romney got 4 percent of the black vote.

While the polls have showed Hillary Clinton leading Trump for most of this election, people aren’t voting based on public opinion months ago – they’re voting next week. Even the ABC News/Washington Poll which showed Trump behind by an astounding twelve points only a week ago is now showing Trump winning by a point.

Talk about an October surprise.