BREAKING: BLM Thug Kills Former MARINE In Front Of WIFE – Marine Was Helping Woman Thug Shot


Former Marine Anthony Antell Jr., 35, was shot and killed at an Arlington, Texas Walgreens on Monday as he attempted to stop a man who had just shot his wife.

Update 5-4-16: (Editor’s note at the bottom of article along with new FB posts of BLM supporters, libs, and drug dealing thug friends supporting the murderer)

According to NBC 5 in Dallas, Ricci Bradden, 22, went to see his wife, Quinisha Johnson, at the Walgreens where she works. The pair got into an argument which ended with Bradden shooting at his wife twice, hitting her once in the ankle.

Ricci Bradden, thug who killed former Marine, Anthony Antell Jr, and a picture of Bradden when he was younger
Ricci Bradden, thug who killed former Marine, Anthony Antell Jr, and a picture of Bradden when he was younger

According to NY Daily News, Bradden then entered a vehicle and attempted to flee.

Antell saw the altercation and the shooting from the parking lot. His wife, Crystal Antell, was in their car in the parking lot at the time. According to reports, Antell grabbed a gun out of their car and attempted to stop Bradden from leaving.

Former Marine, Anthony Antell and his wife Crystal
Former Marine, Anthony Antell and his wife Crystal

Bradden then shot Antell in the head, killing him instantly.

nbc 5 headline 2

According to NBC 5 in Dallas:

Anthony Antell Jr., 35, saw the confrontation in the parking lot as his wife sat in their vehicle. Police said Antell, a former Marine, got his gun out of his vehicle and tried to stop Bradden from leaving, acting as a good Samaritan.

“At that point the suspect exits the vehicle, shoots the good Samaritan. The good Samaritan is pronounced deceased at the scene,” said Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook.

They also reported police as saying: “Antell’s wife witnessed her husband’s death.

Bradden then fled the scene in his vehicle.

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A witness who saw Bradden when he arrived at the Walgreens told CBS 11 that he “didn’t look like he was happy.”

Ricci Bradden and his wife, Quinisha. Bradden shot his wife, and then killed former Marine Anthony Antell Jr. when he tried to come to her aid
Ricci Bradden and his wife, Quinisha. Bradden shot his wife, and then killed former Marine Anthony Antell Jr. when he tried to come to her aid

According to Dallas Morning News, police said that “A relative took Bradden to the DPS office where he turned himself in.”

A quick search for Bradden’s name on Facebook revealed Black Lives Matter supporters calling for his release, and liberals lamenting why he was shot. Others, who apparently know Bradden, offer him support.

This Facebook user posted “F–k the Marine, free Bradden.” A heated discussion on his post is currently developing.

The Amen Ramesu-El Negus-NegaXi fellow above shares a lot of posts about BLM, and “white racism” towards blacks. He shared this one.

His friend, Richard Pinkney, liked his post where he said “Fucc da “Good Samaritan (Antell) free mah Naga Ricci Bradden.”

Richard Pinkney makes posts about “Da Trap” (selling drugs) being better than having a real job.

Post from a granola sucking lib.

Post from a friend.

She knew him. What was he trying to “change” from?

She later shared this video where a black trans anti-white racist goes off. In her post she states “And I love it.”

A woman claiming to be Antell’s aunt posted to Facebook

According to the Star-Telegram, Bradden “entered the Army on July 21, 2015. He arrived at Fort Hood on Jan. 3, 2016.” He’d been in the Army less than a year. Apparently not enough time to change his thug ways before he shot his wife over a selfie, and killed a former Marine.

Bradden frequently posted gangster rap to his Facebook page.

ricci bradden fb post 2

ricci bradden fb post 3

ricci bradden fb post 1

Antell was the owner of Abattoir CrossFit in Arlington, Texas.
anthony antell fitness

He leaves behind his wife, Crystal, and three young children.
anthony antell and family

anthony antell and wife 2

May Antell rest in peace, and his family find solace knowing that he went out trying to do the right thing. May the scum pos thug who killed this Marine rot in hell.


Editor’s note: Portions of the original article that stated Bradden is an active duty Army soldier were purposefully left out.

Bradden’s service is mentioned in the news video that’s in the story. We left it out of the text portion of the article as we believe a person who shoots his wife, then kills a Marine who came to her aid doesn’t deserve the honor of being remembered as a “soldier.”

Having gone over Bradden’s Facebook page, it appears he was “thuggish” prior to joining the Army. He speaks of when he was “no good” in his estimation. When he shot his wife, and killed Antell, it seemed to us that he never stopped being “thuggish” even after joining the Army.

As far as we know, Bradden has not fought in combat, and he has not suffered any injuries which would lead to PTSD.
Had he seen combat, the article & title would have been penned differently, calling out the need to help veterans who come home from war. This was not the case with Ricci Bradden.

Here is the portion that was purposefully left out of the article:

The shocking thing about this, is that Bradden is apparently an Army soldier based at Fort Hood, the same base where terrorist Nidal Hasan killed 13 service members. It’s safe to say that Obama is allowing Islamic terrorists, & murdering thugs into the military, as he guts the services of good men & women.

Should we remember the terrorist Nidal Hasan who killed 13 service members as an honorable Army major? Hardly. He’ll be remembered as a murderous terrorist. The same should go for Ricci Bradden in our opinion. He should not be remembered as an honorable Army private, but a thug who shot his wife, and who murdered a former U.S. Marine who came to her aid.

Sources: NBC 5 DFW, Dallas Morning News, NY Daily News, and CBS 11 DFW.

NOTE: Many of the comments you see below are from those who are supporting the murderer. Most of those supporting him are leftists, BLM supporters, and SJWs.

By Jeff Rainforth
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