Trump-Supporter Showed Up To Protest With Little Surprise For Raging Libs — Pays SICK Price For It

BREAKING: Bloody Riots Break Out At Portland Airport When They See Who Walked Into Their Protest

The anti-immigration ban liberals gathered at airports across the country to protest President Trump’s ban on travel into the U.S. from seven destinations with ties to terrorism. When you get this many angry leftists in one place, it’s only a matter of time before the mob mentality comes out and the “protest” turns into an all out riot. This is what broke out in Portland last night after these rabid heathens set their eyes on one person.

While Trump is trying to stop the potential of terrorism by banning travel from certain countries, liberals are creating it in our airports as was just seen in Oregon. The idea that liberals are “peaceful” and “tolerant” is about as believable that terrorists aren’t trying to enter into America as “refugees.”The truth of what these protests are really about came out as soon as someone showed disagreement with what they were doing.

KATU reports that when a pro-Trump counterprotester simply showed up at the airport to stand for our president, he was attacked and knocked out unconscious by a mob of violent liberal protesters who didn’t like what and who he represented. An onlooker caught the brutal beatdown on video along with the shocking thing that happened as the victim lay beaten and unconscious on the airport floor.

Like rabid animals to their prey, the attackers surrounded their victim and celebrated what they had done to this Trump-supporter by shouting, “That’s right!” one protester can be seen yelling at the seriously injured man. “You got knocked out!” another echoed.

Despite the evidence, not a single attacker was charged with a crime in this liberal state that apparently supports this kind of behavior under the guise of free speech. This wasn’t a protest, this was a deliberate hate crime and should be treated as such.

It’s doubtful that any of these idiots protesting the travel ban at airports across America would offer up their home to host these refugees. These protests and riots make people feel like they are doing some kind of good and standing for someone/something. I bet not a single one of these people have ever served our country in the Middle East, in these areas of origin in which Muslims are being banned from traveling to the U.S. from under Trump’s immigration order. I’m sure not one of them have suffered the loss of a loved one who died fighting these people (the enemy) and haven’t felt the effects of terrorism first hand. This isn’t a protest about letting people into the country that they truly don’t even care about — this is a protest against our president.

h/t: [ConservativeTribune]

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