BREAKING: Border Agents Make ANOTHER Shocking Find at Border… We’re Under Attack (VIDEO)


(Conservative Tribune) Six men attempting to cross illegally into the United States were apprehended on Arizona’s southern border by border patrol agents on Monday.

“U.S. border patrol agents in Sonoita, Arizona, apprehended five Pakistani nationals and one Afghan national Monday,” U.S. Customs and border patrol wrote in a statement cited by KPNX.

Agents also took into custody two smugglers who were with the men. Their nationalities were not immediately disclosed.

The men were interviewed by an FBI agent with the Joint Terrorism Task Force and checked against intelligence databases and were then released back into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

No information about the religion of the detainees was immediately available. Roughly 96 percent of Pakistan’s citizens are Muslims, while over 99 percent of the population of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is also Muslim.

This occurred exactly one day before, according to Breitbart, a group of five Syrian men with fake Greek passports were detained in Honduras while attempting to cross into Guatemala and make their way to the United States by land.

And then the following day, eight Syrian nationals were reportedly apprehended along the Texas border.

Furthermore, all these apprehensions came less than a week after a group of Islamic gunmen committed a series of terror attacks in Paris that left at least 130 dead.

Given that at least one, and possibly more, of the Paris gunmen apparently entered France by posing as refugees, it seems like upping our border security and halting our refugee resettlement program might be a wise decision right now.

Unfortunately, President Barack Hussein Obama refuses to take these cases seriously. This man is effectively gambling with American lives because of his arrogance and ignorance.

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