BREAKING: Boston Bomber’s Muslim Widow Gets Some EPIC Bad News


If you are directly associated with terrorist you should be held accountable for the actions. 

(The Conservative TribuneOn April 15, 2013, the annual Boston Marathon was rocked by two massive explosions near the finish line that killed three people and wounded 260 others.

It was later discovered that the explosions came from homemade pressure cooker bombs, which had been manufactured and set in place by two brothers, Tamerlane and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, radicalized Muslim immigrants from the restive Russian region of Chechnya.

The older brother Tamerlane was killed a few days after the bombing in a shootout with the police, while younger brother Dzokhar was eventually taken into custody and is now standing trial, potentially facing the death penalty, even in liberal Massachusetts.

But the story doesn’t necessarily end there, as Tamerlane’s young widow could end up being implicated and charged in the terrorist attack as well.

It is believed by investigators that Katherine Russell accompanied her late husband to a store to purchase the pressure cookers used to make the bombs.

According to Opposing Views, former FBI special agent Brad Garrett said, “To live in a small apartment and buy five pressure cookers and have all those explosives obviously just does not make sense — something other than cooking was going on.”

Russell has yet to be charged with anything, but an unnamed source in law enforcement says that she could ultimately be charged with failing to notify authorities of an imminent crime.

Russell’s attorney, Miriam Weizenbaum, maintains her client’s innocence, and says that she has been nothing but cooperative with law enforcement’s investigations.

Hopefully, if the investigation has uncovered evidence that she had direct involvement in preparations for the attack, she will soon be held accountable for her actions — or lack thereof in this case.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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