BREAKING: Bowe Bergdahl’s Former Platoon Mates Drop Huge Bombshell About Obama


One wonders, on occasion, whether the White House has buyer’s remorse about the prisoner swap that freed U.S. Army captive and likely deserter Bowe Bergdahl. If they do, they’ve certainly stayed quiet about it.

One group that hasn’t stayed quiet has been Bergdahl’s platoon mates, who are speaking out about their displeasure with the White House.

Among other things, they’ve accused the president of trying to bury the truth in the Taliban prisoner swap mess.

In an op-ed, two troops who served with Bowe Bergdahl — Evan Buetow and Cody Full —  wrote scathingly about his actions.

“On June 30, 2009, in Mest Malak, Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdahl left his unit and deserted the U.S. Army,” Buetow and Full wrote. “We know he deserted because we were there when he did it.”

And according to Buetow and Full, there’s one person responsible for this.

“It is troubling to us that President Obama and his political team are silencing this needed public debate by not making the release of this report a priority,” they wrote (H/T Daily Caller).

“In light of the new information that some of the Taliban prisoners swapped for our former platoonmate made moves to re-enter the war,” they concluded, “we believe that this debate must begin in earnest by issuing a report on the facts.”

Of course, the fact that the White House has been stonewalling on the Bergdahl issue — just like they’ve been stonewalling on so many other issues — hasn’t helped Obama’s credibility any.

It was obvious that the Taliban prisoner swap was one of the more illegal actions by an administration that had racked up an impressive record of them even before it was revealed that Bergdahl was a likely deserter.

Now that the facts are coming out, the Obama administration is phrasing its unfortunate prisoner swap as an “end of war” swap with the Taliban — which is totally, 100 percent not a terrorist organization.

Perhaps it’s time that America started listening to those who served with Bergdahl instead of those who have a reason to cover up his service record.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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