BREAKING: Chicago Muslim Imam Arrested for SHOCKING Crime Against 23-Year-Old Woman


Although the media generally tries to keep such stories under wraps, there is a growing issue of sexual assault and rape being perpetrated by Muslim men.

One such story recently came to light in a suburb of Chicago, and now that the details are going public the community is absolutely shocked at what had been happening.

A Muslim leader from Chicago known as the Islamic “Billy Graham” has been arrested and charged with sexual assault. He is also facing a civil suit that alleges years of sexual abuse with an increasing number of victims.

The accused imam, 75-year old Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 23-year-old employee of the Institute of Islamic Education.

The young woman says that Saleem spent months trying to get her to let her guard down before attempting to force her to engage in a sexual relationship, asking her to remove her veil for him and touching her inappropriately, sometimes aggressively.

The young woman says that she isn’t the only victim of the imam’s and has filed a civil suit charging the Imam with decades of abuse of the women and children he was supposed to be protecting and educating.

Of course, the imam claims that everybody is lying about him and is criticizing those who are “resorting to American law” instead of seeking a private resolution through arbitration and mediation in the community — which should be read as the application of Shariah law through something like the Islamic Tribunal we recently saw arise in Texas.

An Islamic scholar from nearby Loyola University says that the imam is holding on to the ways of the old days and is likely fearful of his people being “Americanized.”

The scholar has past experience with the imam, as he represented a different young employee in arbitration who had accused the imam of sexual abuse previously but had settled privately after the mediation.

The police say that they are investigating all of the previous claims and will file additional charges once evidence is obtained (H/T Breitbart).
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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